Second week on the battle of the nations

Second week on the Battle of the Nations project.

The project move well forward but slowly at the same time. Indeed, look how big is the work to do, the project request a lot of time. The rules are not finish yet, a lot of things need to be create, especially for heroes who are in the full middle of the game. On the whole, minions are done and also general rules. All the big work remaining is the creation of heroes and the transformation of specials' minions to manuscript format to their final form.

For minions of each archétype, the longest was capacities' creation and the creation of an asymetrics' gameplay compared to another archétype existing in the game.

  • Nécromancy : Appart from the tray which serves to base of the player, if no heroes is on the tray where is the units ,then she disappear.
  • Smartness : The unit which have 10% chance when she touch his target, even if she don't deal damage, can steal 1 gold coin
  • Commercial : The cost in gold of an unit decrease of 1.

The list of things to do is also really long. In blue, we have what is done. In red, it is what is done in rules. In black, it is what must do in coding.

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