Projet in Blender

My projet !

Tronner !

For the end of the year we must create a game in four weeks.

I finally have all the ideas I need, for the gameplay and for the elements of the decor. So I started on a Runner game in a futuristic universe.

The goal of the game is to hold as long as possible in life for this he will avoid all the obstacles that will stand in front of him!

I was inspired by the mobile game Subway Surfer for the style of play and for the universe I decided to take inspiration from the movie Tron.


Last week I asked our GameArt Vanessa Bertozzi to make a motorcycle with a character on it in the style of the film.


After that, I wanted to put a manette for controller of our character but I didn't have much success, so I temporarily put in place the keys on the keyboard instead so as not to get stuck. I'll take care of this detail later!

 08 déc. 2017 -  Florian FARCY - Blender,   Blender Runner