report of my second week at JS project.

Resume of my second week at JS project.

This week, I continued with the creation of mini games.

I've almost finished the creation of puzzle, even if I have any problems to place it well. I have created the coding of my game of 7 differences and another where you have to press buttons in a specific order.

I have prepared the dialogue areas for chapter one (I thought it would be nice to create at least one for the demo). It's missing assets and dialogue. everything will have to be "lively" as possible.

I don't know if I'm going to create other mini-games, I've got to finish these ones first and test them too because the code has already been written.

I try to create many mini gamesthat ask different things of me, in order to develop my skills. These mini games weren't deep in terms of gameplay, so with many of the mini games, with their unique qualities, i can try out several things in JavaScript.

 08 déc. 2017 -  Nicolas FROMONT - Arcade,   mini-jeux game design