T-07 Tanker Proto

Prototype du projet réalisé cette semaine

After Game Design Document we have arrived at prototype week. Two days were necessary at the beginning of the week for its design and to say that it meets my expectations. The rest of the week allowed the project to leave the proto phase and go into details. Also this week twenty people have tested the project and confirmed my thooughts that this is going to be a fun game.


The visual style of T-07 Tanker is very basic, a red player and a second blue player. An arena that has obstacles (Wall, Column) that cannot be moved. For the moment, there are still obstacles such as crates that will have to be added quickly so that the ring is complete.

The Tanks, central entities of the game are 100% operational right now, its movements in ZQSD / Directional Arrows with a rotating effect and acceleration for the speed of displacement that causes a significant increase in speed is very fun according to the returns . This idea that I found helps with a few things, in addition to the rest of the gameplay, which helps to make the game dynamic and crazy.

The cannonballs come out right from the end of the barrel, it works well and its pushing effect against the opposing tank gives a very unrealistic but devilishly. Even if I think to tick the time between each pulls of at least 1s next week, because the spam will give with the soundings an unpleasant sound cacophony.

The entire light is made with a simple enough technique, but gives an excellent result. First, I positioned a powerful radiation source to create the shadows of objects on the ground. Then I positioned a second light, weaker to lighten of the shadows. Lastly I added a very low light barely noticeable to over-shine objects and make them more stylish.

To conclude this busy week, I worked on all the menus that (I don't understand this). But which represent at the moment, a complete and functional HUB which allows the prototype to be complete for a possible demonstration. Maybe next week we will have animations in the menu and sound effects to enhance the immersion of the player from the launch of the game.


I finished last, before writing his lines, the music of the game as well in the game as in the menus. Next week I would be on the realization of details and novelty to include in the game as a point counter for each player, the sound atmosphere (I think) can present and especially the main goal is the development of an AI.