The spice hunter ATCHOUM

Initiation to Blender and his logic bricks which allow to the video games creation. This game present a member of a clan which travel many planets to search a rare spice.

This week on Blender, I learn to juggle with logics briks contained in the fondation of the software and which makes the creation of a complete game possible thanks to their only utilization. Like a kid in a sweetshop, I touched to everything et especially hit or miss which allowed me to get a solid base of knowledge on Blender, which, in additon of the lesson, offered me a robust structure of skill in only a morning, to apprehend the project in a serene way.

The biggest difficulty of the project was in the constrainst enough present, to have to think about the game in uphill before trying our ideas on the software. We must do a game on a member of a clan, which plod over various planets, to get spices with a variable quality, to feed in ressources a clan. In a second conditon for each level, like obligation to have spicy bread which is deadly for the player.

Sketching of my idea was started in the level design of the first level. First of all, with a 100% cubic level; I quickly turned myself into a materialize environment through muntains create by my own, which are the arena with a predefinied biotop in the center. Then, I conceived a score system with a timer which eat player's ressources every two seconds; then aliment himself when the player recovers spicy bread. Moreover, I imagined differents types of spicy breads related in a variable way to the score. Finally, I developps the character player and his mouvements and interactions.

Once the demo playable, I hitched to the creation of a young concept nascent for the game. Accordingly, I turned to the sound aspect with in particular, the arrival of sound effects, then music. Yet, it create an infernal cacophony and I just concerved the music to make us feel the feeling of emptiness and the loneliness on this level. Thereafter, i create a main menu, a rule menu , and ending menu and a game over menu. To end my project, I producted a select character's menu. Each character have different attribute : Full, Speed and Turn.

To conclude my project, I exported my project in .exe to diffuse to my comrades. Following their return, I will modify my rocket to make her more expressive and add a credit menu.

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