More drawings and models for the projects!

More models for the projects, and new ones

The second week is now finished, and it's time to show you what I have done for it! First, I have finished the 3D model of the tank for Alexandre. they are two versions of it, each one having a different color. (the 'blue' one and the 'red' one) Making a tank wasn't really hard, because it's all made of geometric shapes, but it wasn't easy either. The hardest part was probably placing the 'wheels' correctly, but everything else was fine.


Then, I did a drawing for the 'menu' of the game, in case Alex wanted to change the one he already has.


I've also started to do a fountain, and I'll do a box once it's finished. (Those are also for Alex's project)


And that's it for this week!

 08 déc. 2017 -  Vanessa Bertozzi - Blender,   blender dessin projet