Daily routine of a beginner game artist

Discovering the inside of drawing on a computer

Hi everyone ! This week I'm dealing with a different topic about video games. I won't introduce you to a new one but I'll talk about the graphical aspect of it and how I made progress.

The objective of this week for the game designers was to create a game in HTML/CSS, a programming language. From this point, the game artists, Maxime and I, had to create assets for their games but as we were outnumbered we only worked for one game developer each.

On monday morning, we started a lesson with Camille about the differents technics used to put colors and shades on a drawing. And in the afternoon, I decided to draw for Paul because he was the first one to put out an idea of design for his game. He wanted me to draw characters and landscapes from the universe of his last game "L'enfer d'Isac". And because Maxime was the first one to draw for him, I had to complete his graphic style not to have something drastically different from the original artworks.

Here are some characters we both draw in a different way (Rena, goddess of death and Isac, a protagonist). Rena Maxime Rena Fabian Rena made by Maxime (up) and me (down). Isac Spirit Form Isac Human Form Isac in his Spirit Form (Maxime) and his Human Form (Fabian).

Now I'm going to describe the technic I used to draw. First, I sketch the concept using a light blue pencil-like brush. It helps to distinguish the first traits before working on the real drawing. This one is called Pencil_HB. Sketching Then, I ink the sketch with a thicker and darker brush using the Ink_gpen_25. Inking After that, I make the shades (which is usually done after the colorization) but I do it before it adds more texturizing. I used an airbrush called Airbrush_linear, playing with transparency and radius to mimicry natural shades produced by a defined light source. Shading And eventually, I finish with the colourization using a brush that doesn't mix colors with the shading, called FX_color_HSY. We can also play with light adding filters. Colourization And that's where the difficulty was to put colors and light in a very dark universe. I spend almost 5 hours over this drawing.

We'll I hope it entertained you to see how many steps (and time) it takes to put out a drawing that make look simple but needs many details. I still need to progress and learn new technics and for that I get inspiration from other artists on the web or from my teachers. Bye and see you next week ! :)

 29 sept. 2017 -  Fabian MOSAKOWSKI - game art,   dessin couleur ombrage