Welcome to Medieval Fantasy !

Or how to build a universe step by step

Hi everyone ! Today's topic will be an update about the development of the universe I created for the RPG. All the content I'm showing will undergo a rework before the final version of the game !

Map 1 : The Port

You start in the port, a coastal region of the map.


Bathed by the ocean, it's full of sea and fishing references, the primary source of economy in this land. But beware, pirates defend fiercely their territory and won't let you pass easily !

Boss : Pirate Captain

Map 2 : The Cave

Then, you have to go through a wet cave.


Bats seem to stalk you and stalactites threaten to fall. You may also discover primal people living in this cave, and they won't enjoy your visit !

Boss : Submarine Creature

Map 3 : The Forest

Ending the cave zone leads you to the forest.


Trees, flowers and mushrooms surround you beneath the moon. But don't feel too safe when arrows target you from the shadows...

Ennemi 1 Ennemi 2

Boss : Werewof

Map 4 : The Mountain

Get your coat and gloves, it's freezing cold up there !


And as expected, enemies will still track you down. So don't waste too much time enjoying the snow !

Boss : Yeti

Map 5 : The Desert

Going from one extreme to another, prepare to face scorching heat !


But local people won't let you up. So try not to stay too long in these arid lands or you might end up being part of the setting...

Ennemi 1 Ennemi 2

Boss : Pharaoh

Map 6 : The Volcano

And here you are in the final zone : the den of a powerful and dangerous creature !


Natives will hunt you down in order to protect the purpose of their cult and the inhospitable environment won't make it easier.

Boss : Dragon

That's it for today ! Next time, I might show you how the enemies and bosses look like as well as our protagonist :) Thanks for reading !

 08 déc. 2017 -  Fabian MOSAKOWSKI - game art,   lineart animation