the overhaul of gingerbread

This is the third week I am coding with the python language

first contact

This is the third week I am coding with the python language that give me trouble to make fully usable thinks. Let’s put Renpy aside and look around the blender scripting tool. I didn’t even deal with it and the first contact was not really make me proud about me, cause of my wish to make all the functions work only with the python script. Well begin with the beginning, conceptualization:


I am back with an old game I made with blender that you probably know: “la chasse des pains d’épices”, a 3D runner game where the goal is to dodge red enemies and collect the blue gingerbread. Some critics has been done (“it is hard to know where is the really location of the player”) I agree (“it is not pretty beautiful”) you right (“what an awful hitbox”) I can work on it (“your game is so dame bad”) stop it! well, many comments, I was trying to change these thinks to upgrade my game. I made sketches of the starship I want, notes of features and descriptive of the HUD. Now, it’s code time!


code time!

  • I been started with the main character script for his moving and interacting features with only an “always” logical brick.

  • Then I right the code of the collisions of collectibles and stake.

  • After coding my game, I set shadows, animation and finally dispose the entire assets to get a playable level.

Its archaic contained give him charm I guess.

I change the camera system (people critic it as bad some time) and prefer to play with shadows, sometime take off. I added moving enemies and may new asset for the stake, a new chrono system and finally, the end doors animation.

The game is not finished, clearly not, but people like it probably cause of the changes, new assets, animation and visual effects. But in my game, you got no bounds, no music or sounds and no menu or objective. Its archaic contained give him charm I guess.


 29 sept. 2017 -  Ange HUBERT - Python,   Python blender