Back to project Wesnoth : week 2

Journey through the deeps of pixel animation

Hi everyone ! Back to a new work in progress this week to keep you updated about our hard work over Battle for Wesnoth. Let's see what we achieved to do in 2 weeks of project.

Well since monday, we put all our efforts into animation to give the game designers enough assets to implement into their games. It was long, fastidious, but very rewarding to see one of your made up character kicking out official units of Battle for Wesnoth ^^

Now if you don't mind, I'll show how I managed to create something quite decent from a bunch of pixels to a fire-blasting badass nun ! Here comes the technical aspect of it.


See, all you have to do is draw every frame and play them one by one to give life to your character :) The more frames you draw, the smoother your animation will be. You can also play with the reading speed to make it look more natural.

Here's what it looks like when it's done.


This one cost me 4 hours and a half of work for nearly 2 seconds of animation (yeah we were quite zombified with pixel art at the end of the week ^^"").

We decided with Maxime and Maryon to make four default animations for every unit we created. We also added more when we needed to complement our character personality.

1) idle (when your character is passive) Idle

2) attack (when it comes to action !) Attack

3) defence (when your characer is parring an attack) Defence

4) defeat (you can't win every time) Defeat

5) healing spell (this one was specific to my cleric character) Heal

Now let's make the comparison between the first stage and the last one. Sorry for the dead pixels, they won't appear in-game.

Idle Attack Defence Defeat Healing

Idle Attack Defence Defeat Healing

Hope you enjoyed reading this and we'll meet again next Friday for episode 3 (the final one) of project Battle for Wesnoth :)