Winter is Coming ! (2)

Help Nutzy, the little squirrel to get nuts before winter !

Winter is coming !

So this is the second week working on Superpowers ! In fact this week was a very little week because last weekend we made a game for the game jam Ludum Dare ! You can find our game "HERE" !

But I really learnt a lot about Superpowers. Remember last week, I finished with this screen :

Background 1

Now I'm really upgrading my knowledge but I have also a lot to learn about finishing the game !

I've started to create the winter part because Maryon my game artist made me some backgrounds and assets for this part of the game. In fact the level design is not very developed because I have spend a lot of time on interactions, collisions, backgrounds etc. but I've had many difficulties with the code because it's textscript and not Javascript and it's quite different !

Let me introduce you to Nutzy, with your help he will have a great adventure !

Background 1

There is not yet animation for him because Maryon was very busy with another game designer. So I have neither other backgrounds nor assets to show you and the visual it looks now will be totally different.

This is it for this week but it could be a great game if i reach all my goals ! I have many good ideas for the gameplay.

In fact, I have to find a way for the interaction of Nutzy with the nuts and enemies. Show hearts and empty nuts on the screen with the interactions that the players initiates. Teleporting is very important too to go from one scene to another and some others details. But I'm confident that i'll have a pretty good result.

Game Artiste : Maryon Gibory Game Designer : Hugues Beaumesnil

 08 déc. 2017 -  Hugues BEAUMESNIL - Super Powers,   plateforme 2d