renpy project

My first contact with Renpy

The project

This week i had to work with Briac on a visual novel.We have to respect three rules:

  • First one we have to work on Renpy

  • Second we had to choose a scenario between Gd3's projects.

  • And last but not least the first week Briac have to work in 2d with only black and white and the second week he will have to work in perspective with colors. The hardest part is i have to explain this change in my story

Briac and I chose to adapt Florian's project because he allowed us to make almost whatever we wants. So, we decided to make a prequel of his project and explain the creation of the power strip who makes anti-virus.To explain the change of graphic style i decided to separate the game in 2 parts:The first one on a chat, and the second one in real life. This week I worked mostly on the first part, the goal was to introduce my characters and explain why they wants to work on this anti-virus power strip. I spend two days to make a "correct" script and the last to discover renpy and integrate my script.

My first contact with Renpy

My first contact with renpy was a little bit... surprising. I did not expect simplicity of this framework. It tooks me only 2 hours to integrate my full script and i was able to test some things the rest of the day, for exemple put some sounds and animate some placeholders.

Work to do for next week:

  • Put the images
  • Write the second part of the game
  • Put the second part on Renpy

 27 sept. 2018 -  Mathieu Milhem - game design 1 ,   Renpy Jeu