Bogstrip : The Prequel (PART 1)

First images of "Bogstrip : The Prequel (PART 1)" visual novel

Objective and project

Second week. With Mathieu, we must create a visual novel based on someone's scenario. So we decided to create a prequel of the scenario of Florian Farcy, "Bogstrip", with the story of the original project and the characters.

["Bogstrip" Original scenario] (

My objective was to realise some drawings of the characters and the visual novel's background illustrations, by emphasizing black and white.


For this project, we imagine 3 characters. Let's talk about the main character, Jakob. Jakob is pretty shy except with his two friends. He's humble and also the smartest character of the group.


The second character is Sandrine, the only girl in the group. She's cheerful, very friendly and thoughful.


The third and last character is Hans. He is confident in his choices, enthusiastic and a bit impulsive.


Background settings

As planned, the first part of this visual novel is an online conversation between our 3 characters. So I made 2 background settings (because we embody Jakob) for Hans and Sandrine. I took existing templates of visual novels background settings so as to create mine.

Hans' chamber

Reference of Hans' chamber

Sandrine's chamber

Reference of Sandrine's chamber

See you next week for the second part of the project !

 27 sept. 2018 -  DE THOURY Briac - Game Art 1,   Visual Novel GameArt krita