CLicker on html/css

I hate checkboxes

Sumary of my project

This week I had to work on a clicker with only html and css, javascript and php was forbidden.I decided to do game where we have to click on kids to stop them before they steal candies. To do this I had to use checkboxes and it was tough... very tough. It was very hard to work with checkboxes, it took me almost two days to understand how the checkboxes works and even with that I could not put sprites on them.So I decided to focus on the other aspects of the game like animations and score.To optimize my code I had to remove more than 100 code lines.

The kids

Each kid have a different path:

  • The first one go directly to the candies
  • The second go first on the left and rush to the candies right after.
  • The third make "a stair" before rushing the candies
  • The fourth go left and right
  • The last one make a circle before rushing the candies

I set a second wave of kids with the same path but faster and with different timing.I made the game difficult because I wanted my player to focus on scoring.

The other things

For the score I used the function counter on css and I decided to show the score on a div at the top of the screen. I also made a little candie sprite .To end the game I set an animation on timer, it spawn right after the animation of the last kid and show a black screen with the final score and the replay button.

 11 oct. 2018 -  Mathieu Milhem - Game Design 1,   Html Jeu Css