My custom campaign on wesnoth

Project overview

Project overview

For this project I have to create a campaign on the game Battle For Wesnoth. With Briac we decided to make a fun campaign, it tells the story of an epic battle between Kind Bears (we can't use the real name but you got the reference) and... ISIS. I split the campaign in 3 levels , on the first and the second you invade the world of kind bears with ISIS. In the last one you have to organize the defenses of the last city with Kind Bears.

The two factions

  • ISIS is a very aggressive faction, their units are weak but the're cheap, if you play with them you should fight during the night because the're better at this moment. Their leader is Ben Laden (back from death) who fights with magic powers (lightning essentially). They also can destroy some walls by using their special unit : The suicide guy, a soldier who explodes himself to deal massive damages in the area.

  • The Kind Bears are the opposite of ISIS: only a few of them can hold on a large troupe of ennemies, but they are very expansive you have to try to spare them as much as you can. Almost every Kind Bear have the ability to convert ennemies(if you "kill" an ennemy it regain all his life and fight for you)and two of them have healing abilities. Their leader is Cheer Bear who can convert instantly a unit (exept Ben Laden) and have healing abilities, but the counterpart is she cannot fight back if she's attacked.

To do list

  • code the custom units the scenarios
  • finish to create the maps
  • create the assets for the background

 05 déc. 2010 -  Mathieu Milhem - game design 1 ,   Jeu Wesnoth