Battle for Wesnoth, PART 1

Battle for Wesnoth, PART 1

Project objective

Hello everyone ! This week we began with Mathieu our first project on Battle for Wesnoth, a turn by turn strategy game. For 3 weeks we will create our own campaign and universe, including two new races and a new scenario. In this campaign, we'll find some cute bears against terrorists. What an original cross ... Mathieu will work on programmation, scenario, campaign and level design. For my part, I'll create all the units' assets. These assets includes illustrations, pixel art, attack animations and movement animation.

I've already worked on both leaders' assets. For now, I made 1 portrait and 1 sprite (which isn't animated) for each leader.

Bears' assets

Leader of the Bears... ... and his pixel art version

Terrorists' assets

Leader of the Terrorists... ... and his pixel art version

See you next time for the next update of this project !