Battle for Wesnoth, FINAL PART

It is time for the last battle ...

Hi everyone ! This is the last week of working on our own campaign. In order to close this project, I made the lasts sprites of our characters. In this final week, I especially worked on new Magical Bears' sprites and on the images of the story. I also made the lasts character sprites for the Terrorists. For the balancing, I checked the game for 2 days so as to find out a maximum of bugs.

The remaining Terrorists

Among these lasts Terrorists' sprites, we can find out the evolution of the AK-47 unit, the Gatling Gun Guy. There's also the powerful Kamikaze, pretty lethal, and finally the mad Ben Laden named "Dark Laden".

Gatling Gun Guy


The Great Sith's Lord, Dark Laden

The Magical Bears

These Magical Bears have almost the same pose but they all have a unique physical caracteristic, like Bisounounours and Dolipranours for exemple.



Ours à imper



The Handsome Bears' God, Dalai Nounours

Images of the story

For these images I was challenged by Mathieu, he wanted me to create 3 images in 45 minutes (15 minutes for each). That was really hard exercice because of the continuous pressure applied on me.

Before the first level

Before the second level

Before the last level

That's all ! Unfortunately, I wasn't able to animate sprites because of a lack of time, but the game can be played properly and runs correctly.

Mathieu and I hope you will enjoy our project ! See ya ! :D