A spaceInvader like !

This week we had to work on godot software. So what better than doing a space invader like !

A spaceInvader like !

A spaceinvader not in space ?!

Yep as the title says we did a space invader, but on earth. Our player will play as an airforce pilot :


His goal : destruct all enemy choppers and survive.


Why did you choose this type of game ?

Firstly we had to discover Godot, so we had to chose a simple projet. And this type of game permited us to work on Parallax ( endless map system ) and other features of Godot. And by the way we wanted to work on something that is like an old arcade game.

What are the game rules ?

Firstly, our player had to have only 3 lives so he can collide with other objects and loose his HP ( but not loose any with his missiles ). Like I said before his goal is to survive as much as he can, but the game will try to counter him with more and more enemies at the same time. Obviously the player can fly in every direction and sometimes go out of the screen ( yep we need to fix that :D ). Ah ! And of course when you shoot enemies you will earn points ( the scoring system isn't ready yet but will come very soon !). In the future we could maybe play in multiplayer ? or change the plane for something else like a space ship or a boat. Or simply change the map and the enemy style ... who knows ? For the moment we can say that our game is an endless "shooter / spaceinvader" like.

And that is it for this week ! As always thanks for reading and see you next week for new news ! Max over !

 18 oct. 2018 -  Maxime Vucic - game art 2,   Jeu Godot SpaceInvader