KoVaultz Game

Blender Game V0.01


Blender Game Engine

Today It should be really different from the other.

Why ?

Because it's a new task that I've made this week. I tryed to use the BGE.

What I've made :

  • Scypt
  • Logic Editor
  • Navigation Mesh

The Scrypt :

Navigation Player : With Z.Q.S.D. You can move around the Scene. With your mouse you can make your player turn (The face of player will track the Cursor). With the Right Clic you can adjust the Movement Speed of your Character (ATM 2 variation of speed possible : Run and Walk).

Logic Editor :

Shoot : With the Left Clic you can make your character shooting. This will creat an object called "Bullet",and his path is made by the cursor position.

Navigation Mesh

Enemy : I put a spaw on the Scene. With the "M" on your Keyboard an object called "Zombie" will spawn. It will track the Player. I made a Zone (Navigation Mesh) wich define where the zombie can go.

 11 oct. 2018 -  Paul Lapierre - game design 2,   Blender 3D Python