KoVaultz Game

Blender Game FPS. Only Logic Editor.


Blender Game Engine

It was a real worfull week for me.

The KoVaultz Inc. has grow up with one new collaborator "Sylvain Foulon" ! Now the WolfPack count 3 members !

What did we made ? Just a few things like a fully playable First Persone Shooter !

  • a Main Character :

ZQSD to move around X and Y axis. Mouse Movement to turn around Z and X axis. E to interact with your Environment. Left Shift + 'WASD' to Run. Wheel Up/Down to swap Primary and secondary Weapon. Space to Jump.

  • a Weapon Pack (about 12 Weapon Ready to be used) :

Left Clic to Shoot with your weapon (all weapon got personal Bullet and Shell). Right Clic to turn on Aim view (With different type of Scope). R to reload (change your Mag).

  • a Didactitial :

With Objectif and Enemy around you !

You can kill enemy. Find some ammo. Take PasseCard. Open Door. Jump everywhere.

 15 nov. 2018 -  Paul Lapierre - game design 2,   Blender 3D Python