Start of a new beginning.

A simple way to create a level in my game.

How to build a level in my Godot project.

I wanted to create everything I needed to build a simple level in my 2D Adventure/agility game, without having to modify the script.

I started by creating a really simple Tileset:


I added a StaticBody and a CollisionShape to each tile that needed one. The property of the StaticBody blocks the player and that's how I created a simple wall/obstacle for the players.


I had a big issue while creating a dictionnary in my ennemy script, the version 3.0.6 of Godot has a bug in which I couldn't add a negative expression in the dictionnary. I had to find the 3.1 version (still in alpha) and download it. So now, with my new version of Godot, I had my split screen ready, my map created and the script for my ennemies working. I only had to decide in which direction will the ennemies go and at what speed.

Then, I needed to create a path for my ennemies to follow. I wanted to be able to change the speed and directions at any time, so I created a new script and area for "Bumbers" so when an ennemy touches it, it will change the direction and speed of this ennemy.

It may be kinda hard to visualized my projects, but if I had to simply describe what I want to do is a simple adventure game in 2D in which you and another player will have to go through different levels by helping each other moving forward by opening doors for the other player. And all of that with as little script as possible. It will be easy to create new levels, and I still have a lot of work in front of me but it is really interesting for me and I believe in my projects.