Init Python

How I created a game with pyhon in Ren'py

My objectives

This week we had to create 3 games in Python and the goal was to make them work with Ren'Py... I didn't wanted to just find something on the internet and copy it, I wanted to understancd everything and create something on my own. So I started practicing by doing some simple excercies. As a Game Designer 2, I'm a bit familiar with coding so it might have been easier for me to understand this new language compared to the Game Artist 2. I tried to help a bit Maryon Gibory to understand how to code and how to understand Python. I know how hard it can be to start coding for someone who has never really tried before, and even though I'm far from being really good at it, I thought that maybe I could try to help her. As it turned out, by doing so, I started learning a lot by trying to help her understand Python. At the beginning of the week, my goal was to learn by doing the excercies we were told to do, but I ended up learning by helping a friend and I'm pretty happy about it.

The games

So, we had to creacte a game in which we need to open a chest by finding a combination of letters that were given to the player once he had beaten on of the small games we also had to create. I started by creating a small game in which the player has to guess a number between 0 - 100 that has been randomly chosen. If the guess it too low the player receive a message saying that the number to find id higher; if the guess is too high, the player receive a message saying that the number to find is lower. Once you find the right nulber, you received one of the letter needed to open the chest.

The other game is a Rebus, there are 3 words to find and you have 7 chances to find them. Once you find the 3 words, you receive another letter needed to open the chest.


This week did not went as I thought it would, but at the end I ended up reaching my goals and at the same time I helped a little bit a friend reaching her goal for the week.