Let's do some animals

This week we worked for 0AD, we had to modelize, texturize and animate animals !

Let's do some animals !

Once upon a time a snake named noodle

at the beginning of the week we had to choose an animal. I tryed to modelize a snake , but I didn't see that the snake was already modelize by someone on internet . So I rapidly " gived up " but I ( at least ) did a texture and a skeleton for my hightpoly snake.

Is the lioness can be better ?

The second day i tried to create another animal but this time a free one ! And it was the lioness, I used an another method to modelize and i succeed ! After that I tryed to animate it, and it's a succeed too ! Now my objective is to create a texture for it and maybe 0AD will use my lioness for their game.


And that it for this week ! Max over !

 11 oct. 2018 -  Maxime Vucic - game art 2,   Jeu Blender Code Lion