The fight system is arrived !

my work at the fight system during this week

During this week, I’ve created the battle system of our game. I will summarize what I did:

  • I’ve created the possibility to use a competence for attack your opponent.
  • I've created effects at the competence that apply at the target. We have two different effect:
    • a stun effect. He stun during some number of turn.
    • a damage effect. The personnage suffer of damage during some number of turn.
  • I’ve created the IA of the opponent, when we have finish our turn, he automaticly attack our team and when he have finished, it’s our turn.
  • The function for the death is created, but she doesn’t correctly work. When we kill one skin of the enemy team, the fight function doesn’t work.

For the moment, we are the same team than the AI team, there is three character : a magician, a thief and a knight. Each category have their competence (2 competences by category) with their effect. I haven't done balancing, because I have no time for that for the moment.

For finish, It remains some task before our game be finished :

  • fix the problem of death.
  • create a function for the animation battle appear at the right time.
  • To connect the world map and the screen of battle.
  • finished the world map.
  • create the homepage.

I add an image of the current rendering of our game.


Thanks to my game art, Fabian because we are the third category at the screen! But it's not finished, He will create the background and the HUD of the game. He have create all the animation of the game (it's complicated to see that with an image but go see their article for see their works).

When we move the cursor (white square for the moment), the name of the competence appears in the blue rectangle above the white square. When the icons of competence will created, maybe the name will be deleted and I will just put the description of the competence.


When we can see, a second cursor (again a white square), for select the target of the competence used.


When a character die, their name disappears and we can't selected them. For the moment their image are always present, but that will soon be modified.

It's all of my works for this week. See you next week for the sequel.

 30 mars 2018 -  Nicolas FROMONT - RPG,   RPG GD1 JS