Shin sekai

Shin Sekai

Shin Sekai

I am going to make one recapitulation on my project.

I'm working on Superpowers and I make a platformer

Level and gameplay

I have make three level and every level in its small peculiarity

level tuto : Show the functions of bases

level 2 : This level is bases on the sprint

level 3 : This level is to base on jump

On every levels you have to get back fragment of memory to pass at the following level and on the level 2 and 3 you have a peculiarity which changes a little the way of playing


My game, it is the history of the young boy who lost the memory and who it finds lost in a world who do not recognize. The player owes help the young boy has to get back its memory to know the history


For week has to come, he will have to have a level furthermore and a setting-up of the history if all is fine

 30 mars 2018 -  Sylvain FOULON - projet,   SuperPowers