Some small words can create a great game !

This week we had to work on python, and by the way on renpy too.

Some small words can create a great game !

Is python an easy language for coding ?

At this question i'll answer you yea, in fact, now you know that i'm a game Artist, and before this week I didn't have any idea how to code something, none the less I made it ! How ? Just because python is a friendly user language. It is well explained in the documentation and is easily readable.

But what have you done on it ?

Our goal was to code 3 games and include them into renpy : The first game was a hangman The second was a simple Rebus * And the last one was a crossword

Firstly I didn't have the time to start the last game, the crossword, but I finished the two others games. After coding I had to add them into renpy.

And here came the problems !

Usually renpy can read python but I had to modify many functions like "raw.input" that became "renpy.input" and some others.

For thoses who are bold, there is a small screen print of my code lines !


Finaly after 3 days of work, my two games are totaly operationnal ! ( at least almost operationnal, if you finsih both of my games you 'll get an error.... I've forget to specify the end of my code ) But this isn't important because it can be fixed by adding a small line of code at the end like " Congrats you won " and tell python to stop the game.

There we are, it's all I've done in code this week but it was cool to learn how smalls games are done. By the way I've done some nices pictures for Paul ( yea it's always for him ) here they are :

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Thanks for reading and see you soon ! Max over !

 27 sept. 2018 -  Maxime Vucic - game art 2,   Jeu Renpy Code Python