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** Space invaders


Small summary of the first week which I had already worked for 1 month on Godot. I have created Space Invaders and during the end of the week, I had certain problem to be adjusted.

My various problems

  • My AnimationSprite : Which did not show.
  • My Spawn Enemy : does not work.
  • My collision box : My rocket pushed my copters.

It is the major problems which I had but I also had to add a menu and a HUD.

This week

The objective of the week was to make a Menu and a HUD as well as to make exports of the project.

But I also wanted to take advantage of it to try to solve the problems to meet on the first version.


To begin this day, I have to try to adjust the animations but it did not succeed, I would have to find another solution.

But at the moment, we see the sprites of animation should just run.

Then I have to look for the collision box and the HUD.

That is what ends the first day.


This day was very complicated because nothing did not work for the HUD, I have to spend all day long on this. I eventually worked on the collision Box that I did not forward.

And I finally succeeded to correct. I just put various element (Player, Missile and Enemy) in Area2D and after it is in the code then I have to change the signal.


Last day to finish the HUD and the Menu. Which in the final was not very complicated, I just had to forget to connect a signal to the script Main.

Then make different function to read the score and numbers of life which was in different scripts.


I am satisfied by the work which I have done in a short time and I have to adjust 2 to 3 of problems and to add one HUD more a Menu and at the same time I was able to learn of other method which was also a purpose to be there.

 29 nov. 2018 -  Sylvain Foulon - game design 2,   Godot