The Professional secret

The deadline is coming very fast !

The secret

while the deadline is approaching, our game is more and more complete, and that 's for this reason i can't talk about it anymore, i just want to preserve you to any spoil. So instead of that i will talk about what i learned on all this project.

The team work

firstly i wanted to talk about the main obligation, the team work. As you know a game need a game designer and a game art ( most of the time, and this isn't all the job possible in a game developpement project ), so Paul and me dicieded to work together on this project. So we directly worked on how can we work together without deleting all of our work. We finaly decieded that one of us ( Paul ) will keep the superpower project and ( me ) will be connected to it. After that we had brainstormed o n who do what. Paul did the code and all the mechanics and i did the creative work, assets and world building.

The time management

This is a big aspect of a cooperation project, in fact this is the most important things to do at the beginning. Set up a deadline can provide you a better motivation or will force you to end something at time. On our game i think we messup a bit cause we spent to much time on defining our deadlines. The result is i'm not as advanced as wanted but it's not to late, i still can do it.

All the stuff around the creativity ( drawing )

Yeah i just can't talk about what i learned and skip all the creative part ! infact ! I've learned many things about many subjects,like, how to improve my animations sprites, or how to draw a doll that can be easyly animated. If i wanted to resum, i've learned many things that permite me to optimize all my work and i'm glad of it .

 30 mars 2018 -  Maxime Vucic - GameArt, Krita,   GameArt Krita