The underground

This week we finished the test version of our game.

The underground

Modelizing a map

Modelizing a map isn't an easy task. First of all I tried to think about the objective of the map, and i drew a sketch. And then came the 3D ! Principaly I used the snap option in blender, that allowed me to snap all of my meshes on the unit of blender (this one can be replaced by whatever you want). Firstly I extruded all of my corridors, then I extruded their walls. I did this for all of my rooms too. At the end, my map was only a single mesh. After modelizing it I tried to add some lights. I used some light points instead of spots. Finally I've put some furniture made by Sylvain in it and our Test map was done...

Next week we will work on sound design so we will be able to put some sound for our weapons and some spooky musique in our game !

See you next week and thanks for reading !

 15 nov. 2018 -  Maxime Vucic - game art 2,   Jeu Blender Underground