It's Show Time !

In this Article I'll talk about my 2nd Project in Ren'py and about Python.


My old friend : the Visual Novel :

Visual Novel, how did I start it ?

Firstly the rules : Python, Ren"py, mini-game.

  • 3 mini-game - Real.
  • 3 mini-game - Integration.
  • Scenario - Writting.
  • Character - Identity.

Three Day : planning.

J.1 First Game:

The hanged man --> a classic.


I first chose to create a logic diagram of my game, it was necessary to easilly use Renp'py Script. With this one I could knew wich type of function I could need in the final Game. So the First one was to create a list of word than the player should found. Obviously, I create a function that give the possibility to writte awnser. I simply used a renpy.input command. Then I had to make so verif. Did the awnser is = to the word chosen (by the computer) previously ? Did the player is still Alive (7 life) ? Wich key as been used ?

After I made all of this Step the first day ending...

J.2 Seconde Game:

Rebus --> Picture Integration.


Same has the hanged man, I create a logic diagram and I saw that I could simply used some function that I've made the Monday. And complete them with a command that could show some picture. It was pretty simple to did that. The hardest part of this day was to correctly ask at Ren'py wich picture I need and wich one should be delete.

Find the good Number --> No Time !


This time I didn't create any diagram. I made a simple game cause the time wasted on learn Python. I just used some function that I took from the hanged man and Rebus.

J.3 Assembly:

Scenario --> Writting.


Well, I love writting Scenario so I just made one other...

"What could be a good idea ?"

hum ... TV ... TV SHOW ... A good presenter ? PERFECT !

The presenter is narcissistic and you are the Guest of the TV Show ! But nothing will work like it should've ! Enjoy the SHOW !

Character --> Identity.


As I said he's narcissistic, he will injure you. When you failed, he will bait you lower than land. His job make you lose your pride.

Maxime Vucic : Is the genius behind this draw !

Bonus :

Here you will found some asset that I've made this week in Blender.


 27 sept. 2018 -  Paul Lapierre - game design 2,   Blender 3D Renpy Python