Sprite sheet and Animation

Animation and Sprite Sheet

This time i worked on an animation. I used Krita to draw, make my animation and Inkscape for the sprite sheet


My job was to create an animated gif and a sprite sheet. I didn't have a special subject for this work but i can tell what is on my mind. I decided to animate a running man.

The challenge

I started to draw a skull for my running man and I created layers for legs, arms, chest and head but it wasn't the good thing to do. So i decided to animate it with just one layer. I did my skull again in to order to follow a plan and i animated my character as well as did it like "laLinea".

Skull Character Linea

Then i had to save it in gif mode, create my sprite sheet and that part was the longest. I rendered my animation in multiple sequence pictures and with Inkscape i joined them to see all the sequence.


The story

We call this man Sanka and is running like Forrest.

Skull Character Linea