Project 1.1 W.I.P

My project is to draw and animation characters, environments like Karla Ortiz style.

Project 1.1



It's a free style project and i decide to do an illust-animation. I explain: I will draw 3 or 4 illustrations as keys and animations will serve as transitions of the process. The only rule is i have to draw like an artist and i choose "Karla Ortiz Karla ortiz)", one of my favorite illustrator.



I have been starting to look for references, a lot of references: environment battlefield, characters armors, weapons, horses, cinematic scenes because i will animate it and i'm studying Karla ortiz draw. I just show what i did and won't post all references, will do in the next article when i will organize it.

Scenes Armors hero modeles

The story

There are 2 armies who are faces on the battlefield. The hero and his army get out of the forest, he dismount from his horse and rush ennemies, use spellskills to kill many soldiers and their leader.