Armature and Animation

How to animate a character?

This week's project was to understand armature (what's the purpose of an armature and how to do one) and learn animation. First of, we needed to do a simple character. Then, we had to use an armature: it's a sort of skeleton made of simplified bones, that will move the character in parts (arms, legs...) by using deformations.
Then, we had to animate it. That's where the armature is useful: we move the character's body using the bones, then register the main frames, and by repeating that process, we get an animation.

For the project, I did a simple character:


I did 4 animations for it; an idle one (breathing), one where he scratches his head, one where he crosses his arms, and a walking animation.

 26 janv. 2018 -  Vanessa Bertozzi - Blender,   blender animation