Blender Game Engine

Discovery of Blender Game Engine

Discovery of Blender Game Engine

This week, I discover another part of Blender. It's Blender Game Engine. It's a part of Blender optimized to create a game or a demo of a game.

It's a little bit more simple to create a game here because you don't need to know languages like Python because there is many logical bricks. A logical brick is already coded and you just have to select the good one.

I created a game this week based on the story "Dune". So I use "the 1984 film of David Lynch" for my inspiration.


You are Paul Atréides on the back a sandworm in space and you have to pick up spice on your way to the planet Arrakis. It's metaphoric but in your way to this planet, you'll be eaten by a giant sandworm.


You are here inside space

The gameplay is simple. the player move forward alone, you just have to jump go left and right to find every spices. The stars are moving a little and the mapping strech a little so we have an feeling of speed.

At the end you reach the planet of Arrakis

I also use the soundtrack of Toto to stay in a coherent universe.

The week of creation was reduce so I have a lack of time to make an intro and an end game. I also could make more than one level but i'd rather concentrate on a good gameplay and make a good single level than 3 bad levels.

It's not a perfect game but it's gorgeous, playable and fun.

Game Designer : Hugues Beaumesnil

 23 févr. 2018 -  Hugues BEAUMESNIL - Blender,   blender game engine