Cristmas is coming !

Christmas vibes and texturing on Blender !

Cristmas is coming !

This week, the game artists had to work on textures on Blender. As a big fan of textures, i was thrilled to learn more of this subject in D, wich was a bit nebulous for me.

We had to re-work on our assets we made for "Péril en Daiza", a game where a little panda have to reach bamboos without beeing killed by ennemies.

As the period of christmas is coming, i wanted to rework my assets and create others on this festiv theme, with candy, beverages and clothes :) I created three assets that i will show you :

Sugar Sugar...

The first asset that i made is a barley sugar. I made this thinkin of a version of the game where the bamboos would be replaced by the candy !

The texture is made with a paint brush on Krita, and rework on Blender with differents textures : color and specular to add volume.


Sweet Eggnog

The secon asset was already created by me some weeks ago. But i didn't created the texture at the time, and simply used a picture of wood and liquid, so I created a wood texture myself this time, and, as the barley sugar, reworked it with differents options on Blender to create a wook aspect and volume.

Same story for the eggnog, the drawing is made on Krita.

For this asset, i learned to assign differents textures to some faces on the same objet, and add differents options to it. It was very helpfull to create a wood and a liquid texture, wich are kind of opposite :)



Little panda

For the last asset, i choose to rework on the character that was already created, but just had it a christmas hat to make it festive !



That's it for this week, i'm glad that i learned so many things that will help me improve my skills for the next projets ! See you guys next time, have a good week !