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First try at programming

Welcome back everyone !

We, second-year students, had the same goal ; create mini-games in Python language and then implement them to Ren'py. The task was quite new for us, artists, but we managed to create something decent to show (coffee helped a lot !)

Common goals: - gives 7 attemps to solve a mini-game - decrease by 1 the number of attemps for each wrong ansmwer - make the player lose when there is no attemps left - make the player win when his/her answer(s) match the exact word(s)/letter(s)

First Game : Hangman

Being completely new to programming, I had to spend half the day watching the demo and looking for tutorials to create the easiest function ^^ After that, I started to work, at first, over paper, and then, by applying theory in the computer. At the end of the day, I managed to do something fuctional but still perfectible.


Main goals : - randomly generate a word - create a relation between letters the players typed and exacts letters of the word - memorize already used letters

Second Game : rebus puzzle

After programming Hangman, the rebus puzzle didn't seem so hard.


Main goals: - randomly generate a picture - link a picture to a word

Third Game : crosswords

It took me a while (and lot of paper) to figure out how to do this in Python ! But after intense thinking, I did something quite... creative ^^


Main goals: - create a relation between words the player typed and exact words - memorize words the players found - show a picture corresponding to words the player found

Implementing to Renpy* :

It was not the hardest part but it needed to convert many operations from Python to Renpy format. Here what the three games look like in Renpy :




Thanks for reading and see you next week !

 27 sept. 2018 -  Fabian Mosakowski - Game Art 2,   Renpy Python