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Wild animals for Wildfire Games

Hi !

Last year, I collaborated on 0 A.D. with the staff to offer them an alternative wallpaper for the game titlescreen. Now that we started to learn 3D modelization, we're back for more assets !

I kept in touch with Stanislas (3D modeller) and Nicolas (head of the French platform) to ask them what were the specs for creation... and updating them about our progress of course ! ^^ On 0 A.D. forums, there is a list of animals still missing some features to be implemented. We just had to choose from the list animals we wished to work over.

I set my sights on Flamingo and Gharial. Both were missing models, textures and animations so I was free to start from scratch.

Here are the requirements for the animals : - Small : 100-150 triangles max. - Medium : 500 triangles max. - Large : 800 triangles max.


My method hasn't changed. I still start from a sphere and then I extrude it to give the general shape of the animal. Details come afterwards.

1) I came with two stances : upright position and standing on one feet.


2) Add materials to colorize.


3) Add a "Subdivision Surface" modifier.


4) Smooth.


5) I also created a feather texture to implement.


6) And then added a Sky to my render. Here what it looks like.


Gharial of Ganga

A far more impressive beast. The method is still the same but the hard part was to highlight the teeth and the scales.

1) Modelize the silhouette of the predator.


2) Add materials.


3) Subdivide.


4) Smooth.


Next steps will be using these models to recreate new ones with far less faces to fit the requirements. I'll tell you more about during the next weeks ;)

So have a nice weekend and see you next Thursday !

 11 oct. 2018 -  Fabian Mosakowski - Game Art 2,   Blender 0 A.D.