Modeling animals for 0 A.D

Last step before animation

Hi everyone !

We already dedicated two weeks to the creation of missing assets for 0 A.D. Here's the third and last one before the "fun" part, animation.

I kept in touch with Stanislas and Nicolas so I could still send them our work. Today I'm gonna make a quick recap of the work I made during the last weeks.

Model 01 -- Flamingo

I already detailed the process used to do the flamingo so I'm just going to illustrate it with the "showcase" of my differents steps.


Feedback (Stanislas): - add wings to the model for the animation - fade the dividing lines of the texture

Model 02 -- Ganges Gharial

After modeling the flamingo, this one gave me less trouble. The UV mapping was cleaner and so it was also easier to draw the texture. However, the texture needed a really detailed work because of the many scales of the beast.


Feedback (Stanislas): nice (work in progress)

Model 03 -- Peafowl

I spent less time modeling this one because I began to be used to but drawing the texture was much more complicated. The UV mapping was a bit messy and this proud animal has a great variety of colors and types of feathers.


Feedback (Stanislas): good (waiting for it to be finished)

Thanks for reading and see you on January to animate these freshly created animals !

 15 nov. 2018 -  Fabian Mosakowski - Game Art 2,   Blender