Texture in Daiza

Or Peril in UVMap

Hi !

This week, we bring up again the assets we realised for the game Peril in Daiza a few months ago. Time to update Foxy the merchant and his bamboo shop.

Main goal : bring them to life by adding texture to the models we already made !

Here are the victims for our session of texturization ! Foxy the Merchant

Here comes the first step of our butchery : dissection ! We need to "skin" the parts of our model to get the UVMap, which is basically the unfolding of the selected part. Once the faces are laid out, we can then work in 2D to draw the texture over them.

As I chose a very hairy animal, the difficulty was to make sure the hair follow the natural direction of the model. Here are the parts of my panda I chose to work separately :

Body : The most tedious part as I had to deal with many color patches and different hair orientations. Body

Eye : A mistake I made when I modeled it was to choose an icosphere resulting in the eye being split into many faces :/ But once your iris is (kind of) circular, add the light near the pupil to make it more alive. Eye

Nose : A really quick part of the body ! I just added a premade texture to the base color and nostrils to sniff out the good deals ;) Nose

Arm : I reused the body color code to texture it (except for the claws). Arm

Paw : Still as a UVMap because I didn't have the time to draw the texture. Paw

Tail : Again the same color code as the body. Tail

Apron : I also added a premade texture to the base color and then drew a pocket and stitches. Apron

And once you've got all your parts ready (or most of them), just apply them to the 3D model and here's the result : Foxy

 29 nov. 2018 -  Fabian Mosakowski - Game Art 2,   Blender Texture