Final projects

Week 2

Hi everyone ! :)

Today's article will be an update about how I'm going on with the projects I'm participting to.

This week has been entirely dedicated to the creation of titlescreen backgrounds for 0.A.D. I will also make a quick recap about how the other projects go on.

Project 1 : strategy game

Nothing new concerning the assets for the game we work over with Alexandre and Nicolas. However, we discussed how we were planning to organize our work to be on time for the presentation.

As they plan to make it a long term project, I intend to optimize my time and theirs by only drawing the required assets for a functional alpha (maybe beta) version of the game.

Projet 2 : 0.A.D

The main project I worked over this week.

I first contact the art department leader to learn the specs of the actual backgrounds they use for the game. He answered me and told me the required size for the picture and how they proceed in order to animate it. They need several layers in order to give dynamism to the background as the scroll them at different speeds :

  • Sky
  • Terrain
  • Characters

In order to make it work properly, I need to create a loop so the background will not tear whe layers will move !

Then I started to work over it and I first came up with a concept of a celt civilization. I played the faction to know how it looks like in-game to reuse the actual appearance of the characters.

-> First layer : Sky


I wanted a sunset to play with the lights and colors over the whole drawing. I still need to make it more linear to stick with the layers' movement.

-> Second layer : Terrain


A traditional celtic landscape with large patches of grass, local flora and, of course, menhirs and dolmens. ^^ But I made an anachronism including the celtic cross which doesn't fit the era of the game. Contributors from 0.A.D suggested to replace it with a Pictish stone.

-> Third layer : Background Leaves

Background Leaves

An optional layer I wanted to include. I thought it would give the impression of wind sweeping leaves.

-> Fourth layer : Character


I reused the appearance of the druid woman I drew three weeks ago when I first draw for a concept art fot the game. I also played with the hair's movement to fit the wind effect.

-> Fifth layer : Foreground Leaves

Foreground Leaves

An other optional layer with the same purpose as Backgroud Leaves layer.

Here what the final result looks like :


I posted it on the 0.A.D forums in the Art Development section to allow people to give their point of view so I could modify to stick with the requirements ! :)

Projet 3 : Plateformer

The third project I intend to work over next week. We still need to discuss it with Sylvain for me to have all the elements I need to draw and test the assets.

Here it is for today ! I may update projects 1 and 3 next week so keep reading our articles :)

See you next Friday !

 23 févr. 2018 -  Fabian MOSAKOWSKI - game art,   0.a.d background animation