Final projects

Week 3

Good morning ! :)

Today, I will do a quick update about the end of the year for this third week of work.

Project 1 : strategy game

We talked with Nicolas about how much character assets we need for a functional beta version of the game. We came up with 2 animations for the standard-bearers and 7 animations for each fighting unit.

-> Standard-bearers : the moving unit over the map representing their corresponding army

  • standing : Stand Stand
  • walking : Walk Walk

Here's what it should look like in-game : Map

-> Mage : one of the three fighting units, specialized in range combat and status effects

  • standing : Stand Stand
  • attacking : Attack Attack

-> "Lightning Strike" spell : Lightning Strike

-> "Stunned" effect : Stunned

  • defending : Defend Defend
  • being defeated : Defeat Defeat

-> Voleur : une unité rapide et furtif, qui mise davantage sur la durée du combat que sur l'offensive pure

  • passif : Stand Stand
  • attaque : Attack Attack

-> attaque "Poignardement" : Backstab

-> attaque "Lame Empoisonnée" : Backstab

-> effet "Empoisonné" : Poisoned

  • défense : Defend Defend
  • blessé : Damaged Damaged
  • défaite : Defeat Defeat

Two other units will apear alongside the mage : the warrior and the rogue. They will all fight in a close-up background of the corresponding map.

Projet 2 : 0.A.D

I continued working on my background for 0.A.D by taking comments into account. Here's the first version I drew :


And the most recent version :


Modifications :

  • all layers extremities now concur in order to scroll
  • changed the colour of the background trees and flying leaves to something more autumnal
  • added patches of dead leaves in the background
  • replaced the celtic cross with a pictish stone
  • added more shadows to darken the landscape

And the result in video ^^ :


I posted it on the 0.A.D forums in the Art Development section to allow people to give their feedback so I could modify to stick with the requirements ! :)

Here it is for today ! See you next Friday !