Creating a flyer

Hello !

This week we had to create a promotional flyer for our project, we first had a course on the Scribus software. It is a free professional layout software, it can be used to create brochures, leaflets, books and magazines.

First safe step Sribus !

1er Flyer

This is my first safe Scribus realization, this flyer was a test to see the features. You can see the main ship destroying a virus, I wanted to add fragments of it but I didn't have the assets to do it. The background image does not have the right proportions, because I had a little trouble adapting it to the A6 format.

2eme flyer carry out

2er Flyer (recto)

2er Flyer (verso)

This is my second flyer!

It is more aesthetic than the previous one thanks to the background image which is kept in the right proportions.

We see there the main ship that faces two viruses, I used the writing font "Space Age" which gives a futuristic side.

I wanted to adapt the colours of the writings for those who stand out well, but they blend in with the background. I don't put a lot of text so that the face is well purified. On the back, there are three images (identical for the bet, waiting for another visual) to show the gameplay.

There will be text between the two images at the top and the bottom, I also added the social networks on which to find myself.

3eme flyer carry out

3eme Flyer (recto)

3eme Flyer (verso)

Here is the last flyer of this week! We all see there first of all the artwork made by the Maxime Vuvic art game, so I didn't need to put a lot of texts on this side.

I just put the name of the game with a little catchphrase, always with the same font as the previous flyers but with different colors. For the back side, I gave three images with a small catchy text.

I think this flyer is getting closer to the final version I want, I just need to improve some details and it will be perfect


Intervention Atlangames

We were fortunate to receive Elsa Charrier, project manager at Altlangames. Atlangames is a cluster of western video game professionals, i.e. it represents the entire regional video game industry (development studio, publishers, service providers, related professions) There are currently 55 members in the greater west, they do several actions for them: Federating / Animating the sector Develop new markets / business contribution Accelerate / Support Promote

We talked about the different business models: Free to play Achat in game * Paid games

Then factors of success of a video game studio: Control of costs related to the development and production of the game Mastery of communication and product marketing * Mastery of the business model and product monetization

Then financing for a video game studio: Service Edition/publishing Subsidy Equity capital

We also talked about our projects, Elsa asked us some questions:

1 - The Concept

  • Type of game? Arcade, space runner

  • Platform? Pc (steam, Plateform epic game,)

  • Techno? Godot Engine

  • Artistic universe? Futuristic

2 - The Market

  • Which comparable games on the platforms? Data Wing

  • How many estimated sales? 1 000 000+

  • Key success factors? Simple GamePlay, Good music, simple but effective graphics

  • Competitors' selling prices? Free, and I'm not finding his way of payment (free and without advertising)

  • Differentiation from competitors? Data Wing is a racing game, Bogstrip is a fighting game / speed

Elsa gave us a lot of advice, a big thank you to her for this intervention.

 13 déc. 2018 -  Florian Farcy - game design 3,   Flyer