Level design

Le level design

Début du Level Design !

Salutation !

This week we saw the part level design of our projects.

La planification !

First of all, I started by planning my project. That is to say the definition of the layout (the type of game), the rhythm and the different player/virus/secret area placements....


I'll explain my choices to you: * Layout in hub, at each end of cleaning the player will return to the power strip to choose his next level.

  • For the rhythm, the gameplay will be dynamic in the arenas on the outskirts and much quieter in the multi-pitch.

  • Investments are discussed below in this article.

  • The backups will be automatic at the end of each arena so that the game is not too complicated.

  • For the secret zone(s) I think I might put some in the hub (but shhhh it will probably be an easter egg).

  • The size of the maps, they will be small for a dynamic gameplay. The theme will be the inside of the electronic circuit.


On this sheet I made representations of the hub and the first maps. For the moment there are only three maps, but of course this is only the beginning!

Detail1 Detail2

I have detailed the elements of the maps with the differences between the levels.

 11 oct. 2018 -  Florian Farcy - game design 3,   projet bogstrip