Update on Liloo's Nightmare

The Light At The End Of The Tunnel.



What Maryon and I did since last time? Well, Maryon has been working on a sprite sheet for the animation of a background element, and she also worked on the background of the 2nd level. For my part, I've been fixing bugs and I've been working on the transition between the main menu and the first level.


Before playing a level, we created stories that the player can read and watch an animation. What is it for? Well, the story of Liloo's Nightmare is about a little girl who got stuck inside her own nightmare, so we wanted to add something a bit more "light" like a tale in which Liloo would be a princess facing Moonface. In those 2 little tales, there will be common elements with the game but it would still have some differences. Here is a look of what it looks like (Don't mind the spelling mistakes).


How does the code works for this animation?


This is basically what the code looks like, I created a variable time = 0 and also a variable start. Then when the variable start is activated, each refresh (60 frame /second) we add +1/60 to the variable time. So after the start, each seconds we have time = +1. From then, I timed each animations and I created other functions to indicate when to change the sprite sheet and/or animation.


So this is how I wrote the animation's code.

What's Next

Well, I'm going to start working on the level design for the next level and now that all of the game mechanics are created, it's going to be easier than the first level. This one will be a bit longer and complicated and also a lot darker. Maryon will be working on finishing the background and then she will start working on all of the sprite sheets. We still have a lot of work, but the motivation is here and we know exactly we needs to be done to finish our game.

See you next week for a new update of Lilooo's Nightmare !