Discovery of Godot Escoria

Discovery of Godot Escoria

This week, I discover Godot Escoria. Well, I tried because Godot is up to date at 3.0.2 and Escoria is not optimized yet for this firmware of Godot. So unfortunately every step of creation was stop with bugs.

Besides I tried to make a point-and-click named "Castaway". The pitch is somebody, maybe you, wakes up on a beach but you don't know where you are. You have to search with items to know more... In fact, you could be a castaway, or maybe in a dream or in a parallel word like in Alice in wonderland. I'd like to implement many more intercations like in a real point-and-click but it was impossible with all bugs of escoria.


There is many references in the game : The player is in shadow like the shadow of "Peter Pan", the deer head is like in "Return to Oz", the beach and the sound refers to "The legend of Zelda, Link's awakening", this game also takes place in a dream.

Well, it was a very frustrating week... but it will help me for next week with Godot 2D.

Game Designer : Hugues Beaumesnil

 30 mars 2018 -  Hugues BEAUMESNIL - Godot,   Godot Escoria Castaway