Graphical charter for the project

Doing the graphical charter for the project 'Wonderful Golf', and some enemy

The graphical charter

This charter explain How the game is supposed to look like; the logo, the levels, the colors... it's all about appearance.


I've explained here which graphics are supposed to be in the game - or at least how I saw those things in the game. However the level 6 will be different that what I've explained (it will be more like greek columns style).

Some enemy in the game

I've also drew some new designs, this time it's some enemy; most of them will be zombies, the difference between them being the elements they're made of. (ice, wood...)


The normal one will be used a a base for the fire, electric, and eventually other. It will have this base and an effect added on it to show their element. The others, of course, have different designs. the ice have snow on it, the body is 'frozen', and have a weapon. The wood is, well, mixed with wood. The zombies that doesn't have weapon will just attack with their hand (like a claw/scratch the character?) but maybe they will all have a weapon, we'll see.


the non-zombie ones are basic enemy, that doesn't control any element. they're a snake, an eagle (wings 'open' and regular pose) and a bat. they're kind of 'stylized' of course, to be a bit more original than just some regular animals. I will eventually make more, to have more choice and to choose which ones will fit the best in the game.

 18 oct. 2018 -  Vanessa Bertozzi - Game Art 3,   graphic game