Creating a Graphic charter for a music festival

Creating a visual identity with a graphic charter for M'né le barouf festival.

Creating a Graphic charter for a music festival.

Thus far I had never created a graphic charter, so this week I got to create one. I decided to put in place a graphic charter for a music festival I help out with called M'né le Barouf.

Main page


Defining the logo, its different parts and variations.

So seen as they already have a logo, I based my work off of this.

Logo M'né le barouf

Once the logo with its variations is specified (in black and white, and for different sizes) I go on to describe what margins to respect, what you aren't allowed to do to the logo (manily change the proportions of the image) and finally the position of the logo on different supports.


This is the page with the different variations possible


And these are examples of what not to do with the logo

The main aspects of any visual identity.

After the logo guidelines come the color guidelines where the main colours are specified with there codes. The folowing step was to define what font to use. Here I specified the two fonts: Edo and Arial. I like to have two fonts that are different to create contrast so in this case there is one that is more funky and brush stroke like, and the other that is straight and simple.



For the third part I put in some examples.

So for this third part I added examples of the different supports (printed and web), to be able to show where to place the logo and what the documents should look like to keep with the visual identity. Some of the examples I created were for buisness cards, flyers, posters and slideshows.


This page has examples for posters and photos

The other examples are for the web namely a webdesign that is possible (with its zoning and wireframe). This is where I also set what icons to use and what buttons could be used.


Lots of work

In the beginning you don't actually realise how much work goes into creating a visual identity, there are lots and lots of different elements that need to be defined to make sure everything is coherent. Some things even seem silly to put in this sort of document but then we realise that actually some people without this document will do things that shouldn't be done. So it is a very important part of a brand's, a group's, a company's visual identity, and maybe even the most important part. To be able to be the one to create a document like this for some is a great pride, because along with the fact that afterwards people will endlessly reuse you work, it is something that is going to be usefull to lots of people.


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