Drawing a famous painting with krita

How I drew the last supper.

Getting to grips with Krita and a graphic tablet

This week my work consisted in getting to know krita and the basics of drawing. I decided to use the painting the last supper by Leonardo da Vinci. My objective was to try and recreate in some way this famous painting. So I had three days to create a black and white drawing.

My first Steps, placing everything

To start with I had the painting pulled up alongside a blank canvas and I placed all the elements of the painting. The hard part here was getting the proportions right.


Once I was happy with how things were placed I then added more detail to my placements so my next steps would be easier.


Next, adding depth and detail to the people

With everytihing placed where it should be, I started shading the people, in shades of grey, to add detail and depth. To me it seemed more important to start with them rather than the background because they have more detail and they are the most important part of this picture.


Once I had a rough shading, I wanted to add more detail to bring out the different people and the texture of clothing.


Thirdly, placing the decor

Once I was happy with how the people were coming along, I wanted to start working on the background. Obviously I couldn't leave the people I had drawn floating on my canvas. So as with my stages to draw the people, I started with rough shading to then go into more detail.



Adding the finishing touches

My finishing touches consisted of adding more details to the drawing to try and bring out the different textures, expressions and postures, including how each hand is placed. Something else I did at this stage was adjust some of the people who seemed slightly disproportionned. I did this by moving where some joints that were placed ans where some of the heads were placed.


What this week taught me

Spending this week drawing has allowed me to have more confidence in my drawings, I also got to grips with Krita and drawing with a graphic tablet seen as I had only used a graphic tablet once before now and at the time I didn't get on with it. Overall I am pleased with my work this week.

Hannah Ford

 27 sept. 2018 -  Hannah Ford - webdesign,   drawing krita