Html and CSS

Coding last weeks webdesign in html and CSS.

Html and CSS

Something new!

Using html and CSS was something new for me this week. I had to understand the basics, and get to grips with the different tags, and how to adjust things to the web page. My objective this week was to code in html with CSS and no javascript the webdesign I created last week. As a reminder I designed four web pages, for a charity that wants to put trees on all the balconys. As I had never coded anything before I wasn't sure how I was going to manage, and understand it. All in all it was something I actually enjoyed and once I understood I tried to apply more complicated things to my design.

Problems encounterd

I encounterd multiple problems while coding, but eventually I sorted them out and I got the layout how I had designed it last week. I encounterd problems with the float and getting things placed where I wanted them on all the different pages. A common problem I had was with the punctuation, when I forgot to place it I wouldn't notice straight away so my tag wouldn't work, moral of the week: becareful with the punctuation !

What to do next ?

Seen as I had finished coding my design early, and I still had a day of allotted time, I decided to try and make the site look better. I realised as I was coding the first version somethings were hard to do,outdated and not easy to see or look at. My objective here was to create something that was more modern and visually pleasing. This week has been very interesting and usefull. I am happy with myself, especially that I have managed to code multiple pages in html and css when I had never written anything in this language before.

page d'accueil

here is an extract from my code for the first page

amelioration site

Am I going to continue with html, more generally coding?

Before starting to learn webdesign, I didn't know what to think about coding seen as I had never done any and I didn't know if I was going to get on with it, but now that I have spent the week coding I know that I will continue and hopefully soon I will be making websites from A to Z

Hannah Ford

 11 oct. 2018 -  Hannah Ford - webdesign,   html css