Creating a site with Wordpress


This was the first time I had ever used word press and so my objective this week was to create an internet site using wordpress and a local host, there was no specific theme this week so I decided to creat a site for a café I called Ctue Cups Café and chose the slogan "hot steamin' cups o' coffee" All the pictures in my article are screenshots from the site.

Installing Wordpress and a local host

To get started with creating my site I first had to install a local host and then wordpress. The local host I used is called Xampp.

Pages and posts

First of all I created a couple of pages for my site inculding a presentation page, pages for the different drinks, a where to find us page and a contact page. Then I had to create some posts, aticles, that I put into a category. These were mandatory for this weeks evaluation.

main page

Here is a capture from the main page, showing the menu with all the different pages inculding the drop down for the drinks/products page.

where to find us page

As you can see on the where to find us page I managed to insert a map from google.

Themes and Pluggins

To make a site look good you can't go without a theme, so I found a simple one I liked and downnloaded it. It wasn't exactly what I wanted so I changed the CSS files to get the visual effects desired. For the pluggins I installed 5 different ones. The first one was for a contact form, the second a pluggin that changed the site from english to french, thirdly social network buttons and finally the last two were to create a photo gallery.

english welcome page

Here you can see the welcome page for the English version, the flag under the menu is for changing the language.

social network buttons

In this screenshot you can see the social network buttons installed using a pluggin.


Here is what the gallery page looks like.

Pros and Cons of using Wordpress

In my opinion there are multpile pros and cons to using wordpress, for example some pros are that you don't need to be able to know how to code to use the options (of course it is better the know how if you want to create something more personnal) it is easy to find your way around the layout and finally there are lots of pluggins so you can do almost anythig you want for the site. On the other hand as for the cons, because the themes and pluggins are premade by someone else, they aren't easily changed and if you don't know HTML or CSS you can't change the code of the theme or pluggin. Personally another pluggin is that the pluggins and themes are very repetitive so there is lots of the same thing over and over again and not many unique and original creations.


I looked at a lot of other Café sites to try and create something that hopefully is modern and inviting.

Hannah Ford

 18 oct. 2018 -  Hannah Ford - webdesign,   wordpress localhost